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The role of hemoglobin in tick metabolism and transmission of tick-borne pathogens
Project № 13-11043S, Czech Science Foundation, Mareš, M.

New inhibition mechanisms for regulation of aspartic proteases in pathological processes
Project № 15-189295, Czech Science Foundation, Mareš, M.

Chemical and structural genomics of peptidase drug targets in human blood fluke
Project № LD15101, COST / Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports CR – European S&T Cooperation, Horn, M.

Center of molecular interactions in biomedicine (InterBioMed)
Project № LO1302, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports CR, co-PI: Mareš, M.

Targeting enzyme exosites by in situ click chemistry: new strategy for anticancer drug design
Gilead Sciences Research Center at IOCB Prague, co-PI: Mareš, M.

2018- 2022
Chemical biology for drugging undruggable targets (ChemBioDrug)
Project № CZ.02.1.01 /0.0/0.0/16_019/0000729, European Regional Development Fund, OP RDE, co-PI: Mareš, M.

Exopeptidase inhibitors as drugs against schistosomiasis: structure-based rational design, synthesis and functional characterization
Project № NV18-05-00345, Ministry of Health of the CR, Horn, M.

Proteolysis in eggs of parasitic worms: role in pathology and its regulation
Project № 19-17269S, Czech Science Foundation, Horn, M.